We help people through life’s most challenging moments

Personalized digital loss assistance and resources that cover the full spectrum of bereavement and grief care across work and life.

Why Choose Endly?

We provide personalized support and resources to help individuals navigate loss and grief in both work and life.

Comprehensive Grief Support

We offer dedicated grief support to help individuals navigate loss as it’s happening, including death, divorce, and job layoff.

Digital Loss Assistance

Our digital platform provides personalized assistance and resources to help with funeral planning, legal issues, and more.

Bereavement Support

We provide mental health support and resources to help individuals healthily cope with grief and loss.

Comprehensive support system for all loss and grief types

Funeral Planning

Endly provides comprehensive funeral planning assistance, helping employees navigate the process with ease. From arranging funeral services to coordinating with funeral homes, our platform streamlines the planning process, alleviating stress during this difficult time.

Assistance in funeral arrangements
Coordination with funeral homes
Streamlined planning process

Benefit Claiming

Claiming benefits after a loss can be overwhelming. Endly simplifies the process by providing employees with the necessary tools and resources to navigate benefit claiming. Our platform guides them step by step, ensuring they receive the financial support they’re entitled to.

Guidance in benefit claiming process
Step-by-step assistance
Ensuring financial support

Probate Navigation

Navigating probate can be confusing and time-consuming. With Endly, employees have access to expert guidance and resources that simplify the probate process. From understanding legal requirements to managing estate settlement, our platform ensures a smooth transition during this challenging time.

Expert guidance in probate
Simplified legal requirements
Smooth estate settlement

How We Help

We offer a range of solutions to ease the burden of grief and help employees through challenging life transitions.

Funeral Planning

Assistance with funeral arrangements and planning to ensure a smooth process during this difficult time.

Claiming Benefits

Expert guidance in navigating benefit claims to ensure employees receive the support they’re entitled to.

Probate Navigation

Assistance in handling probate matters, ensuring a seamless process for settling legal and financial affairs.

Dedicated Grief Support

Personalized grief support and counseling to help individuals cope with the emotional challenges of loss.

Estate Settlement & Finances

Expert assistance in managing estate settlement and handling financial matters after a loss.

Comprehensive Bereavement Support

A comprehensive support system for all types of loss and grief, providing resources and guidance through the healing process.

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